Okanagan Basin Agreement Reports

Only the reports that appear in BLUE are available as PDF files.

In some cases the documents are very large so appear on several PDF files.

This Digital Archive Project on Canada-British Columbia Okanagan Basin Agreement
1974 was supported by grants to Dr. Peter Dill from Okanagan University College and
Forrex (Forum for Research and Extension in Natural Resources of British Columbia;


1. Summary Report of the Consultative Board
2. Main Report of the Consultative Board
3. Technical Supplements to the Main Report
.....I. Water Quantity in the Okanagan Basin
.....II. Water Quantity Computer Models
.....III. Water Quantity Alternatives and Supporting Water Quantity Data
.....IV. Water Quality and Waste Loadings in the Okanagan Basin
.....V. The Limnology of the Major Okanagan Basin Lakes
.....VI. Review and Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment in the Okanagan Basin
.....VII.Value and Demand for Water in the Okanagan Basin
.....VIII.Water-Based Recreation in the Okanagan Basin
.....IX. Fisheries and Wildlife in the Okanagan Basin
.....X. Economic Growth Projections
.....XI. Public Involvement
.....XII.Planning, Administration and Institutional Considerations


Preliminary Reports (1972)

1. Monthly Hydrometric & Meteorological Data for the Okanagan Basin (Task 60)
2. Report on Experimental Programs of Wastewater Reclamation by Irrigation and Pilot Advanced Treatment Installation (Task 142)
3. Okanagan Basin Irrigable Land
4. The Evaluation Process in Comprehensive River Basin Planning with Reference to the Okanagan Basin Study (Task 207)
5. Abstract, Fish Habitat Survey (Task 66)
6. Inventory of Storage and Diversion in Okanagan Basin (Task 36)
7. Preliminary Estimates of Present Water Demands in the Okanagan Basin (Task 15A)
8. Preliminary Estimates of Future Water Demands in the Okanagan Basin (Task 15B)
9. Agricultural Land Use (Task 202)
10. Preliminary Study of Regionalization of Sub-Basin Hydrology (Task 53)
11. Algal Nutrient Addition and Pure Cultural Bioassay Experiments on Six Lakes in the Okanagan Basin (Task 119)
12. Diatom Succession in the Recent Sediments of Skaha Lake, B.C. (Task 121)
13. Preliminary Water Demand Study Canada-British Columbia Okanagan Basin Agreement (Task 54)
14. The Limnology-Fisheries of the Okanagan Headwater Lakes (Task 66B)
15. Social and Economic Aspects of the Shoreline Survey - Okanagan and Osoyoos Lakes (Task 21A)
16. Pacific Salmon Population and Habitat (Task 162)
17. A Survey of Water-Based Recreation in the Okanagan Valley (Task 112)
18. The Limnogeology of the Okanagan Mainstem Lakes
19. The Circulation of the Effluent from the Okanagan River as it enters Skaha Lake (Task 120)
20. The Physical Limnology of the Mainstem Lakes in the Okanagan Basin, B.C (Task 120)
21. Crustacean Plankton and the Eutrophication of Lakes in the Okanagan Valley, B.C. (Task 123)
22. Fish as Indicators of Water Quality in the Okanagan Basin Lakes (Task 115)
23. Institutional and Financial Studies (Task 203)
24. General Limnology of the Mainstem Lakes in the Okanagan Valley, B.C. (Task 118)
25. Creel Census of Okanagan Headwater Lakes and Tributary Streams (Task 66C1)
26. Creel Census of Mainstem Lakes and Okanagan River (Task 66C2)
27. The Public Involvement Program (Task 171)
28. The Naramata Seminar, Background Working Paper #2
29. The Public Involvement Program, Background Working Paper #3 "Discussions on Water Quantity Resources in the Okanagan Today"
30. Stream Quality Study (Task 131)
31. Cleaning, Developing, Test Pumping and Instrumentation of Test Holes Drilled under Task No. 40 and Completed for Observation-Well Purposes (Task 41)